Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cookies, Pudding, Work!

I feel like I had a rather productive day yesterday! Blogged, made avocado chocolate mousse (recipe here), baked cookies (recipe here), took Lyla outside to enjoy the sunshine while I worked on the upcoming "Happiness Guide," silkscreened, packed orders, and watched some D Gray Man episodes while I ironed the silkscreened shirts.  ^_^
I also finished the day with writing more of my Everwake story (I'm almost done Book 2!!!).

How's your weekend going? ♥


Easter Goodies!

Everything is from Veganessentials! They are awesome :) And who says being vegan is no fun? ;)


Friday, March 29, 2013

First Hike of 2013!

My awesome friend, Kristin, and I went for our first hike of the year today! For some reason we thought it would be a good idea to push ourselves and try to make it to the Flagpole point of the Pulpit hike... we almost made it too but decided to turn back around at some point. So glad that we did because our legs were rubber on the way down! Next time... or maybe the time after that, but the first hike probably should have gone a little easier.
In case you're wondering, this hike isn't a leisurely walk, it's a straight up CLIMB up the Mountain. It's an amazing hike, with an amazing view of Nelson and the valley at the top. Can't wait for more hikes!

[ready for a hike!]

[the climb begins]

[top of Pulpit]

[cheesy poses]

[woohoo, made it to the top]

[timer!! my favourite pic of the day :)]

[onward to Flag Pole Trail]

[amazing nature]

[right in the centre was the top of Flag Pole Trail, but the path winded all the way around, it wasn't straight ;p]

[more cheesy poses at the second stop, almost to the top of Flagpole]

[amazing view!]

[second timer photo at second stop on the trail :)]


To Update...

So a lot has happened since I've really been updating the lifestream, so to summarize...
First and foremost, life is amazing! In July our apartment flooded which finally motivated us to move out and get a new place. We manifested our perfect place. I mean, PERFECT place! We actually sat down and each wrote a list of what we wanted in our new place when we started looking and, I kid you not, this place is pretty much Exactly what we wrote down, right down to the brick wall haha. We are practically beach front, have an actual house (no more crummy apartments), and our landlords are some of the nicest people I've ever met. We couldn't ask for more. I mean, really couldn't ask for more. We are super happy here and are excited for a fun summer ahead of us.
Since the flooding happened and we were busy trying to find a place and move, last summer kind of felt like it didn't even really happen. Aside from a beautiful summer-like May that we had, it was quite rainy and flew by. I did lots of summer markets though which were fun and we did have random adventures. And, of course, we got settled into our new amazing home.
Winter has been spent hermitting quite a bit but still with fun tea dates with my bestie, hot springs, and random little adventures. Of course there were trips as well and shenanigans like Christmas, my birthday, and New Year's.
So, yeah, life is good. :) And I'll be back to sharing my life with you here on the lifestream. Hope you enjoy! :)

Photos of our new place...

[enjoying our new beach!!]


Kitty Moments: Cutie paws

What? More cats? Yes, they are my babies ;)
Anyways, here's Lyla and Buster pawing at things.


Kitty Catch-Up

Some of my favourite kitty moments to catch up on :) I think I'm going to start weekly posts called "Kitty Moments" to share my favourite shots from the week of Lyla and Buster so I'm not just posting photos of my cats on the lifestream. haha ;)