Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day off with the Hubby

Had a lovely day with the hubby today. It was a super rainy day so we went to the Ainsworth Hot Springs nearby and soaked in the warmth while the rain danced on our skin. It's so uncommon that we actually have the feel of rain drops on our bare skin, I mean think about it; we usually avoid the rain or when we are in the rain we're wearing layers of clothing. So it was nice. And realizing. There was hardly anyone at the pools either which made it extra relaxing.

After the hot springs we drove into Kaslo to get a couple grocery items and to go for lunch at Blue Belle. I had a yummy "Rice Bowl" with quinoa, tofu, greens, and a miso gravy. Yum!

All n all, a beautiful cozy rainy day with my love.


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